Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cops: Thieves Are Drilling Into Gas Tanks to Steal Fuel

Maybe it's time to stop investing in gold and start investing in premium gasoline.

When they stopped to fill their gas tanks recently, several Takoma Park residents realized something wasn’t quite right. As they pumped, a puddle of gasoline began to pool at their feet.  This was no typical car trouble, though. Police said the drivers had fallen victim to thieves who drilled into their tanks and made off with the fuel — an attractive target, considering today’s gas prices.  Police believe that the incidents, which can be dangerous because gasoline vapors are flammable and can ignite with a spark, occurred overnight and on weekends. Police are still looking for who committed the crimes.

There’s no doubt that thieves are attracted to certain easily portable, high-value items: iPhones, laptop computers, cars’ Global Positioning System devices. But police say those looking to steal also go after loot that might be less obvious — but that can still bring a quick buck.

Unusual items can still bring a bounty for thieves, police say - The Washington Post

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